Member Services

Daily Guest Passes

Daily Guest Passes can no longer be purchased at the gate.

Daily Guest Passes can be purchased by bondholders and cost $5 each and are valid for one day. The easiest and fastest way to purchase daily guest passes is through your Member Splash account with a credit card*. Simply log into your account and select the “Make a Payment” option or the “Payments” tab. Daily Guest Passes purchased with a credit card will immediately appear in your account. To pay by check, follow the directions on the receipt that is generated.

If you’re “old school” and want to pay by check and skip Member Splash all together (not recommended), please print and follow the directions on this form.

Unused Daily Guest passes do roll over to the following year.

* A processing fee of 3% is added by the merchant service provider to all payments made with a credit card. This fee is NOT collected by the Club.


Daycare Provider Passes

A Day Care Provider Pass is for a person who is providing in home day care for underage children of a bondholder. A Day Care Provider pass only affords the holder entry to the pool when supervising specific member children. This person will not be admitted to the facility without the registered children. The fee is $80 for the Day Care Provider Pass. Please print and follow the directions on this form.


House Guests

House guests are individuals who are either visiting on a short-term basis, or who will be living with you for the entire summer and you wish for them to be able to use the pool anytime with or without the member. House guests may not bring their own guests to the pool per Club rules. The fee is $150 for a House Guest Pass for the season (or $15 per week). Please print and follow the directions on this form.

If you have any questions regarding Guest Passes, please contact us at

Renters as House Guests

Renters are non-members who are renting from a Bondholder and residing at the Bondholder’s Shipley’s Choice residence. Proof of residence within Shipley’s Choice is required. Please contact the Club President for more information at

Pavilion Reservations

Club members may reserve the Pavilion area for parties by completing a reservation contract and submitting it and the appropriate guest fees to the Pavilion Coordinator.  Reservations are honored on a first completed basis.  Reservations are final only after the Club receives payment and the reserving Member receives back a copy of their request form containing the signature of the Pavilion Coordinator. Click the links below to begin the reservation process.  If you have additional questions, please email the Pavilion Coordinator.

To check the pavilion availability, please click here.

To view the Pavilion Reservation Contract, please click here.


Bond Information

Membership is extended through purchase of a Certificate of Membership Bond. Bonds may be acquired by purchase after ascension through the Club’s Waiting List or by transfer during a home resale. Once owned, a Bond’s ownership records may be modified or the Bond may be surrendered to terminate Membership.

Please contact the Club Secretary for any questions regarding Bond issues.

Transfer Bond during Home Sale

Bonds issued prior to March 1995 may be transferred once to the new owners during the property’s resale.  All transfers of ownership must be processed by the Club before Membership privileges (admission to Club facilities) are extended.  Please submit a Bond Transfer form to start this transaction.

Terminate Membership

Members wishing to terminate their membership may surrender Bonds at any time. The surrendering Member will receive a refund for their Bond’s face value after its successful resale to candidates on the Waiting List.  Please submit a Membership Termination form to terminate membership.

Change Bond Ownership Information

Bondholders changing their name, removing a bondholder (ie due to a divorce or death), or moving within the Shipley’s Choice community are responsible for informing the Club. Please submit Change of Bondholder Record form to update Bond information.